She made my life a peaceful journey

Online Dating has become quite common now-a-days. Many people get a chance to meet their best friends or even soul mates on these dating sites. It is in fact the best medium to connect to people from across the world. I recently met a girl at a Japan online dating site. I was always attracted towards Japanese girls. But she was someone special for me. I saw her photograph on the Japan online dating site, and eventually started a serious chat with her. I dated a lot of girls, but I felt specially connected to Lucia, since I felt she was the one I was in search of.

She was my dream girl

I was on a Japan online dating site, and wasn’t really in the mood to get married. I was not ready to fall in a serious relationship, but I never knew that I would find my love on a Japanese cam girls. I felt amazing whenever we were engaged in chatting. I loved the way she spoke. She showed all the concern that I wanted my wife to show. Though we had not met yet but sill we were so familiar to each other. We decided to meet, since it was now the time to decide something serious. She was that special girl who captured by imagination, and my heart started beating for her. After getting familiar on the Japan online dating site, we used to mail each other frequently and even met on Skype every week.

It was a beautiful day

After meeting her on the Japanese webcam, I never knew this girl would be my life partner. After meeting in person, we used to be on the camera for hours together. We were basically inseparable, and our hearts knew that. Lucia was so special for me. Whenever I saw her, I kept on smiling and this was what I wanted. I knew she could light the spark of love in my life. But when we met in person, I was quiet sure that i wanted to live with her forever. We started meeting each other, and hanged out together on weekends.

We then decided to get married

I was a Canadian and she was Japanese, but still we thought similar. Though I never knew Japanese, but I could understand each and every thing that she felt, or wanted to express. We then decided to get married as soon as possible, and stay together forever. We never even had to give a second thought in context to marriage. We soon applied for a marriage certificate, and that was probably the happiest moment of my life. The thought of being with her for this life, gave me peace and satisfaction. O never knew when I turned out to be such a responsible person, from the boy who loved dating different girls. She was an Angel who was about to enter my life, and make it a mere heaven. She was my Angel. I knew she could give me all the love and support that I wanted in my soul mate. I would thank the Japan online dating site for helping me find my love.

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My wife is my Dream girl

Japan online dating sites have connected millions of people, who were in search for their perfect match. One such Japanese online dating site gave me an opportunity to date my dream girl. This was around 5 months ago when I started visiting this site. Then I found an angel, with whom I started an honest chat. Everything she said touched my heart. I knew she was my soul mate. After 2 months of chatting, we decided to meet in Australia and know each other further.

She was my girl

The day came when we had to meet. I was quiet nervous because somewhere I was in love with her, through the Japan online dating site. And then she came in a coffee shop. The venue was the perfect romantic place in Australia.

My first words to her

As soon as she entered the shop, I was mesmerized by her beauty. I was spell bound. I said “You are an Angel” and she smiled at me. Her lips and her face were as gentle as a rose petal. She was a sweet Japanese girl, Era, whom I met in the Japanese online dating site. I was quiet impressed by the way she spoke to me. I was quiet warm with her. Every minute made me realize the she was the one, who i ever wanted. We started frequently dating each other, and then both of us were sure enough to live our lives together. Though there was a language and a cultural barrier, we knew we were the perfect match for each other. We started to respect each other feelings. Though we were introduced to each other through a Japan online dating site, but still it felt like we were the true mates since time immortal. She was a Japanese girl, and i was an Australian guy. It was quiet hard for our families to accept each other, but still we had decided to walk the pathway, to a lovely life ahead.

My journey of love

We were love birds who had decided to live together. Japanese language was quiet hard for me to understand but I was lucky enough, as she was a good English speaker. Soon we decided to get married. She was very cute and adorable according to my family. I am very happy to have such a fantastic person as my future bride.

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I am lucky to have found my ideal match

I heard about a lot of Japan online dating sites, and thought of joining these. I was really looking for someone who could love and be my best friend for my entire life. I started chatting with so many Japanese girls on the Japan online dating site. But I cannot forget that day when I met her. I received a mail in which she wrote that she was looking for a person who could fall into a serious relationship with her. She was really serious, in finding her life partner. Though her approach was really direct and awkward, I still thought of being friends with her. I started dating Midori, and even sent her mails. We became good friends. We started sharing each other’s feelings and the choices in terms of food, taste or the quality one would like to have in a person.

I never knew I was so lucky

For 2 months we kept on chatting with each other until one day we decided to meet each other. I met her in Los Angeles. Midori was the kind of girl that I always wanted. I had been around with so many girls, but never felt that special, before I met her. I wanted that moment to freeze. She came to the venue in a green dress. We were really comfortable in each others company. Since she was staying in LA, we could meet each other frequently.

The approach was final

I never thought that I could meet my future bride in a Japan online dating site. Our parents were also very happy with our relationship. Though there was a cultural difference, and a language barrier, but still love has no language, and Midori proved it to be right. She was a cute girl, and her polite nature toughed my heart. We are now a happily married couple and i consider myself to be lucky to have her in my life.

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You cannot plan to be in love

imageI was looking for a serious relationship. But was not much interested in dating guys, but still I joined a Japan online dating site. I started chatting with so many guys, and even exchanged mail with some. Then one day, he sent me a mail request. I was doubtful if I wanted to chat with him. Minoa was a cute guy and I was not able to ignore him anyways. We started chatting. It was nothing less than dating each other. He was a straight forward guy and had a good sense of humour. I started liking him.

He was the right guy for me

For 1 month we kept on chatting and exchanging mails. We then started seeing each other on Skype. He was a cute Japanese guy but had a strange personality. I wanted to meet him quickly and then finally we decided to meet. He came down to US to meet me and he was comfortable with it. It was a marvellous moment when I saw him. He gave me a professional hug, and then we went for a dinner. He was probably the perfect guy who could ever be my partner. I could see a lot of attraction in his eyes, and his words too made me realise that. As a girl, I felt very comfortable in the company of Minoa.

What came next was unbelievable

We started meeting each other every weekend. We were basically in a relationship, and thought of carrying it forwards. We wanted to tie the knot of marriage as soon as possible. He proposed o me for marriage, and it was the biggest surprise of my life. I was so happy. We could realize that staying apart was impossible. He kept me like an angle, and i wanted to be with him, all my life. We soon applied for a marriage certificate, and soon we were a happily married couple. Our families were quiet happy with our relationship. I am extremely thankful to the Japan online dating site, for helping me find out Minoa.

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